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The Original Equipment filtration solutions designed and manufactured by PURFLUX GROUP offer more than just engine and vehicle protection. They also provide complete fluid management through complex systems incorporating valves, sensors (heaters) and cooling. PURFLUX GROUP has received several industry awards, including “Supplier of the Year” and “Preferred Supplier”, from leading car manufacturers, in recognition of the superior quality of its products. All PURFLUX GROUP products for the OEM spare parts and Independent Aftermarket are manufactured to OE standards.

Filtration for internal combustion vehicles

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Engine air intake

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The function of an air filter is to protect the engine from external pollutants.

Depending on its cylinder capacity, an engine “breathes” 200 to 500 m3 of air per hour. It contains dust that can turn into an abrasive paste, which threatens the integrity and smooth operation of the engine. The air filter must therefore be extremely efficient.


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The cabin air filter protects against external pollution and airborne particles. It ensures better air quality and comfort for vehicle passengers.

Pollen filter

Protects against large particles, eliminating some of the main sources of allergens in the air, in particular pollen particles and mould spores.

Activated carbon filter

Holds particles, like the pollen filter, and absorbs harmful gases (such as sulphur dioxide and toluene) and odours from the air.


CabinHepa+®, the new cabin filter developed by PURFLUX GROUP engineers using HEPA media is 50 times more protective than a traditional cabin filter*. PURFLUX GROUP is the 1st player in Europe to offer a device that filters particles the size of viruses, thus protecting vehicle passengers.

This HEPA technology is traditionally used in medical and pharmaceutical environments, clean rooms and the aerospace industry, where a high level of air disinfection is essential.

PURFLUX GROUP CabinHepa+® filters retain up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns*, which makes them one of the most effective filters on the market.

CabinHepa+® can retain pollen, but also dust, debris, allergens, animal dander, mould, many other pollutants, and especially virus-sized particles entering the vehicle.

*according to the IEST-RP-CC007.1 test.

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PURFLUX Group Original Equipement Huile MoteurPURFLUX Group Original Equipement Huile Moteur

Engine oil

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The oil filter plays an essential role in the proper operation of the engine because it continuously purifies the engine oil by eliminating impurities of both external and internal origin.

These are abrasive particles from normal wear and tear on components, dust and combustion residues.


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Fuel filter

A fuel filter protects the carburettor or injection system by removing any impurities the fuel may contain. Placed in the fuel circuit between the fuel pump and the carburettor, the fuel filter blocks any particles that could damage the engine injection system.

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PURFLUX Group - Diesel

Diesel filter

On a diesel vehicle, the injection pump and injectors are extremely sensitive to the presence of water and dust, especially on modern very high-pressure systems (Common Rail).
The main function of the filter is to remove any impurities and ensure that 80-95% of the water is separated from the fuel.

Fuel module

The filter is highly effective at removing small particles and water from fuel to protect the modern high-pressure injection system in internal combustion engines.

A heater is incorporated to warm the fuel and thus improve vehicle operation at low temperatures. As an option, a water sensor can be fitted to indicate the need to drain water from the filter.

PURFLUX GROUP fuel filters can be used worldwide with poor quality fuels, biofuels, HVO and the latest generation of electronic fuels.

PURFLUX Group Module CarburantPURFLUX Group Module Carburant
PURFLUX Group - CanisterPURFLUX Group - Canister


The canister is a filter that collects petrol vapour from the tank and injects it back into the intake system. This activated carbon device captures hydrocarbon molecules by adsorption, then redirects them so that they can be burnt, preventing them from evaporating into the atmosphere. It is one of a number of devices fitted to modern cars to limit emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases. It is usually located near the fuel tank.


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Transmission filter

The transmission filter retains particles that could contaminate the oil to protect transmission components from gradual wear.

The intake filter installed before the pump ensures a low pressure drop and continuous operation throughout the life of the vehicle. The pressure filter installed after the pump offers high particle separation efficiency and is capable of operating over the entire life of the vehicle. A by-pass valve can be integrated to maintain sufficient oil circulation under extreme operating conditions.

Transmission filters are used in automatic gearboxes, but also in the electric axles of hybrid or electric vehicles.

PURFLUX Group - TransmissionPURFLUX Group - Transmission
PURFLUX Group eAxlePURFLUX Group - eAxle

e-Axle Oil Modules

Integrating the transmission filters into an oil module optimises volume and performance.

Components such as the oil tank, sensors, oil cooler, interfaces and magnet can be also be part of the module.

Cam Cover

The cylinder head cover is a component of the engine that plays a crucial role in its smooth operation. Located on the top of the engine, it performs several essential functions:

  1. Protecting the engine internal components
  2. Maintaining crankcase pressure
  3. Ventilating the crankcase
  4. Accessing engine components
PURFLUX Group - OilpanPURFLUX Group - OilPan

Braking system

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PURFLUX Group - FreinagePURFLUX Group - Freinage


Braking system filters are essential for truck safety. They protect the braking system from damage and ensure that it works properly. Compressed air is used to operate the brakes. If the air is not clean, it can damage the components of the braking system and reduce its efficiency.

Filters remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, water, and oil from compressed air.

Icone Purflux Group

Electric Vehicle Filtration

PURFLUX Group Module refroidissement huile pour véhicule électriquePURFLUX Group Module refroidissement huile pour véhicule électrique

Oil cooling module for electric vehicles

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In an electric vehicle, the battery and electric motor generate heat during operation. If this heat is not managed effectively, it can affect the performance and durability of these critical components. This is where the oil cooling module comes in.

The oil cooling module keeps the battery and electric motor at an ideal temperature, thus improving their performance and lifespan.

The oil cooling module can prevent the battery and electric motor from overheating under extreme conditions, such as when driving uphill or in hot weather.

  1. Oil pump: The pump draws oil from the tank and circulates it through the cooling circuit.
  2. Heat exchanger: The hot oil passes through the heat exchanger, where it transfers its heat to a cooling fluid, usually a mixture of water and glycol.
  3. Fan: A fan blows air over the heat exchanger, thereby cooling the coolant.
  4. Oil tank: The cooled oil then returns to the tank, completing the loop.


Additional functions can be added, such as oil filtration, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, etc.

Battery Vent

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The Battery Vent is a central element of the battery pack: this module allows gases to flow in and out to ensure that the pressure inside the battery is regulated, while preventing moisture from penetrating the battery pack. At the same time, it acts as a safety device: if there is excess pressure in the battery, the Battery Vent is designed to automatically discharge it. This device prevents major damage to the battery and the car. There are different configurations, with one module combining the two functions or two separate modules.

PURFLUX Group - Battery VentPURFLUX Group - Battery Vent

Fuel Cell Filtration

PURFLUX Group - DeioniseurPURFLUX Group - Deioniseur


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Certain materials used in fuel cell cooling systems release ions into the coolant, thus increasing its electrical conductivity. For the fuel cell to work properly, conductivity must be kept low. The deioniser removes ions from the coolant to keep electrical conductivity low.

Cathode air filter

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The filter traps contaminants, such as moisture, from the outside air that enters the fuel cell. The combination of fine filtration and adsorption protects against reduced or degraded performance caused by airborne particles and unwanted gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ammonia (NH3). High contaminant removal efficiency is achieved while still being able to provide a low pressure drop for optimum airflow.
PURFLUX Group - CathodePURFLUX Group - Cathode
Purflux Group Water SeparatorPURFLUX Group Water Separator

Water separator

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The separator removes liquid phase water from the air to protect fuel cell components from reduced performance or damage. The cathode separator is installed before the fuel cell. The anode separator is installed between the fuel cell and the compressor turbine.