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In 2022, PURFLUX GROUP has maintained its dynamic of new products launch, particularly on the most recent vehicles and on electric vehicles. The company’s objective is to make filters available for the aftermarket within months following the vehicle’s release.

Over the past nine months, more than 250 new products have been launched, 65 of which in the PURFLUX brand, which now has a total of 1,940 part numbers. Among these new products, cabin filters for the most common electric vehicles are now all available: Tesla Model Y and 3, Fiat 500-E, Peugeot e-208… 

The other product families – fuel, oil and engine air – have also been strengthened with the aim of offering a complete range of 4 filters for over 90% of vehicles on the road. The PURFLUX brand now covers more than 95% of the 360 million vehicles in Europe with its 4 product families, making it the brand with the best coverage rate :

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